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Kylie Conniff reviewed Janine Kathleen — 5 star

I’m so grateful to have come in contact with Janine through the referral of my friend, Natasha. She was spot on with everything, I couldn’t believe it! She was able to pinpoint the reasons why I was stressed or hurting and helped me release it. Her advice is also very helpful and her energy work is amazing. I left my first session feeling rejuvenated, lighter, and joyful. I would highly recommend working with her.
Thank you so much, Janine! I look forward to working with you again soon:)

Kylie Conniff

Jaymie Yang reviewed Janine Kathleen — 5 star

TESTIMONIAL of Janine Kathleen Shapiro’s Incredible Healing Session

I was blessed to work with Janine and since I wrote so much, let me summarize what was covered in our 60 min fluid, harmonious session!

{1} Face Mapping ~ identifying organ imbalances within my body by observing my face. Insights: strain in right lung and depleted kidneys.

{2} Quickly identified pain and discomfort in my body without prior info ~ my left shoulder, lower back area, and right knee

{3} Insights for causes ~ resistance to move forward, resistance accepting joy, and absorbing the feelings of others

{4} That I’m an empath! I go into my personal journey with empaths and my misperceptions and self~discovery

{5} Which energy I’ve been carrying that belonged to my mother, so I can release it

{6} Guided meditation with messages that I said aloud

{7} Deepened my connection to my feelings and identify what they mean

{8} Crystal energy healing for emerald and yellow diamond

When we jumped on the call, she examined my face to see what’s going on with my body. Immediately, she observed strain in my right lung and that my kidneys are depleted. Face mapping is a way to identify what imbalances are going on in our bodies, and she tuned in with such accuracy!

A powerful empath and psychic, she sensed body discomfort before I told her anything. Tension and pain in my left shoulder and right knee. She informed ME of what was going on with my body! Janine gave me personalized insights for what’s causing it.

I’ve had resistance with moving forward, and we cleared it. I was guided through a meditation, repeating messages to myself, as I received an energy healing.

Within our SINGLE session, I connected more deeply with my body because Janine was shifting energy in a way that allowed me to recognize how my body responds. By focusing in on the energy that’s around us all the time, I was able to extrapolate more understanding with the same experiences.

Janine also called me out and asked me why I’m resisting being an EMPATH!!! I can always sense an empath and I’m able to understand what they’re going through better than they can, but I don’t absorb energy the way they do. I’ve always sensed that distinction and attributed that as the cause for not being an empath. I learned there are 14 different empaths and she knew I wasn’t a common empath.

Lately I’ve had multiple powerful psychic and healers call me an empath, and I couldn’t connect to that truth until Janine with whatever energetic alignment magic she blessed me with delivered truth in a digestible way. It’s like she spoke MY energetic language, so I got it!

I learned that so much of what I felt as a child didn’t belong to me; it belonged to my mother! It shifted my entire perspective and understanding of how I perceived my childhood. I felt like I got myself back cuz I was able to release what wasn’t mine, so I can connect with what is. It’s an empowering feeling that’s indescribable. As many words as I’m using to share as closely as I can my experience, my explanations are intangible to what actually shifted within me.
So much was done and synchronistically timed. It felt like 20 min had passed, not because it went by so quickly but because it was crazy to believe that so much was covered in 45 minutes! As a chatter, I was surprised by how little verbal communication was necessary. Janine already knew! So we quickly got started on the beautiful healing experience!

I received two crystal energy healings. I was infused with emerald and yellow diamond. Janine knew what my mind body and soul needed. She finds effective and efficient solutions. minimum effort, MAXIMUM RESULTS is my jam!!!

Janine also described who I am, revealing how tuned in she is at every level!
She opened up space for any questions. I had 7 and she was able to answer all of them without going into the nitty gritty of it all where we can get lost. She found a beautiful synergistic thread to tie it all together in a way that offered everything I was seeking! It’s like Janine’s a multi~lingual energy healer and will speak your language in a way that’s best received for you!

Janine’s amazing! Go book a session with her!!!

Jaymie Yang

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